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Biodegradable and Compostable Eco-friendly Labels

As the world is becoming more environmentally conscious, more and more companies are looking to make a positive eco-friendly impact on the environment.

Whether you need labels to showcase your food products, cosmetics products or for promotional use, then we will help take you one step further to reaching your eco-friendly goal with our biodegradable labels and compostable labels. With over 25 years experience, we specialise in the printing of self adhesive custom labels to a wide variety of industries.

Our biodegradable / compostable labels are available in clear gloss film, white gloss film, semi gloss paper and matt paper stocks.

The adhesive we use is a biodegradable acrylic based adhesive which has good adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.

Our labels are fully compliant to the European Industrial Compostable Standard (EN13432). The standard requires a compostable material to have 90% outdoor biodegradation within the space of 6 to 9 months. Our labels also comply with the European Food Regulation (1935/2004.EC) for direct food contact with dry, non-fatty foodstuff.

Our range of eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable substrates are manufactured to look like their non-recyclable equivalents. As with our standard labels, there are options for printing in full colour (digital and flexo printing). Our semi gloss paper and matt paper stocks are also suitable for thermal transfer printing. We offer a large range of cutters in different shapes and sizes.

Our compostable labels and biodegradable labels have a recommended shelf life of 2 years when stored at 22°C and in suitable conditions.

What does biodegradable mean?

Biodegradable is when a material has the ability to break down and return to nature. In order for a material or a product to qualify as being biodegradable, they must completely break down and de-compose into natural elements within a short space of time, usually 6 to 9 months.

What does compostable mean?

Compostable materials are quite similar to biodegradable materials as they both break down and return to nature safely and quickly. The difference with compostable materials is that when they break down, they provide nutrients to the environment they are in.

While biodegradable materials are designed to break down naturally within landfills, compostable materials require the right levels of heat, water and oxygen to support the breakdown.

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